Rebuilt. Restored. Renewed.

We can claim this promise: because of JESUS we are grafted into the this promises God made to Abraham.

The promises of God are “yes” and “amen “ in Christ Jesus.  (2 Corinthians)

I take this to the bank.


Snap shots


​C and I just had such a lovely day you guys!

Instead of drama and mother – daughter power struggle…

We hung out and watched an Emma Thompson movie and ate gummy bears and talked.
Well …she ate gummy bears 😉


My man and Boys and their friend. 

Went to throw a frisbee around at the park 

instead of Playing video games


I’m telling you 

God is changing things for the better in our family 

Since I discovered that 

Fasting is not completely weird

 for 21st century folks.

hubby and the kids are laughing and cooking dinner in the kitchen right now,

instead of fighting about chores or zoning out on their phones


my man is a believer now that he has seen the stuff God is doing

The dinner smells incredible

I want Jesus more than I want food.I want Jesus more than I want food.I want Jesus more than I want food….#justkeepinitreal

Day four of my 2nd 21 day fast

Bring it on Jesus!

Carbs 🌾

 I have seen some amazing things, which the Lord has done, in answer to my fasting and prayer for my kids.

​​God is calling me to another fast for something specific. 

I have been fussing.

Quite a bit.

“I like​ food!”
, my flesh is yelling!

But do I like it more than healing and wholeness in my family?

afterall: What can food actually do to comfort me?

True: carbs provide a burst of serotonin to my brain which I have relied on in the past as a reliable source of good feelings.  Those feelings lasted approximately as long as I was still chewing.

Indeed. There is some comfort to be had from food.


Man does not live by bread 🍞 alone

But by what?

That’s good food.



​Looking through old blog entries, and I found this rough draft from right before I started fasting about my family.  So I finished it and published it.  You ever pray something and then get involved with other stuff and forget you prayed for that?

I didn’t even know fasting was for normal-average-people-21st-century folks!  I never would have seriously considered this.

But I found a book somewhere: Fasting to Freedom – the gift of Fasting by Chantel Ray.

I want to post this today because I’m actually doing it!   “to break the yoke of oppression” (Isaiah) off of my family.

I expect to be posting about some wonderful things in answer to my desperation. (God YOU are on the hook. Not to be bossy. Just desperate.)

I could not have accomplished this

 without that book

and without Jesus. 

Strike that.  

Reverse it

Rough draft I found today:

I am deeply troubled about my family, God.

We have some gnar-gnar issues.  







 need You


OR I AM toast.


I need Your mercy and power and grace.
What do I do Father?

I need wisdom.

I am searching.

Thank You JESUS for my sick bed : it forces me to slow down; it lets me focus. 🙏🌷🙏

Thank YOU for that book I found. 🙏🌷🙏

Thank YOU for the Holy Spirit: my personal Counselor: I cannot live without You. 🙏🌷🙏


God ,You know Everything: You know I’m just a regular lady


I want you to help my family!!!!!I


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Stand still 🌷👒🌻

We frequently don’t know what to do;

nevertheless, [the world, the devil, or the flesh] pressures us for answers that we don’t have.

[They try] to make us believe it is our responsibility to solve our problems 

when the Word of God clearly states

 that our job as believers 

is to believe

—not solve our problems. 

We believe,

and God works on our behalf

to bring answers

that meet our needs.

Joyce Meyer devo today