Rebuilt. Restored. Renewed.

We can claim this promise: because of JESUS we are grafted into the this promises God made to Abraham.

The promises of God are “yes” and “amen “ in Christ Jesus.  (2 Corinthians)

I take this to the bank.


The Absalom Club🌻

Engaging Today’s Prodigal

by Carol Barnier

​”People with a passion for a particular ministry most often come with a burden born of a previous experience.

” It scars them, yes. But it also equips them in ways the unscarred cannot attain. 

“Ego check: Don’t ever get caught up in thinking you’ve thus done your child a favor by providing these scars that God can now use in miraculous ways. The harm you’ve done was never God’s wish. Your actions were still wrong. You’re fortunate that God’s actions are always right. 

“But this last bit of good news should magnify your hope and your prayers for your child.

 “Continue in your belief that his\her life can be beautiful. Pray that God will bless him\her with His artistry in her life. 

“Pray that he\she will be open to His voice and His profound desire to make something good out of her pain. 

“Pray. Pray. Pray. And you may yet see a miracle.”




There are still times when people hurt my feelings, but then I remember that I can choose whether to be hurt or to “get over it.” I can believe the best or I can believe the worst, so why not believe the best and enjoy my day?

Trust in Him
Do you believe the best about people? Is there someone in particular whom you need to believe the best? Trust God to help you meditate on the best of all people until positive thoughts come naturally.

Joyce Meyer YouVersion devo today

I love this photo. 🌷#wannabethere

Word from Mm. Joyce

​We frequently don’t know what to do;

nevertheless, Satan pressures us for answers that we don’t have. He tries to make us believe it is our responsibility to solve our problem

when the Word of God clearly states

 that our job as believers is to believe—not solve our problems.

 We believe, and God works on our behalf 

to bring answers that meet our needs.


This quote speaks to me about messes with our adult kids.

Stand still and believe, self.

I will yet







in the land of the living.

The Patriot.


You are obviously more into freedom than the most red-blooded patriot who ever lived.  Look what You paid to preserve that power for everyone.

Thank You for this wonderful, terrible, powerful gift.

Thank You for offering healing to me for the times other people have hurt me with their freedom.

Thank You for all the brave folks who have sacrificed to protect freedom for me and my children.

Help me to bless and not curse people with my freedom.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth God come in the flesh..

–Mama Jenn