Silver lining 🌌

found another good thing which God hath accomplished by saying

no ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→

to my prayers for healing over the last ten years.

There are things, you guys, which I have longed for in my marriage and parenting, and which

no 👎


of good behavior, fasting, or constant prayer seemed to effect…..

Drum roll please


I am seeing them come true before my







Not liable

Jesus thank You for

c-a-r-e- ing


my MS and

my heart problems and

my mental illness and

my parenting failures. 

I want You.

It helps that my life is so difficult for me. 

I’m not tempted to be satisfied with it. 

Not EVEN a choice

If I was

Effortlessly beautiful and

Incredibly popular and

Eminently successful and

had a million dollars…

I would probably focus on that.
Thank You 💗.

As it is, I’m not liable to focus on how easy my life is. (How boring is easy, anyway? I need to be c-h-a-l-l-e-n-g-e-d.)

You’ve saved my life, God. And made it beautiful ❤️.

Thank You.

 A Severe Mercy

Getting sick has been the best thing-worst thing

in my life;

in my children’s lives,

in my marriage.


A wise woman once said to me,

It is good for the things that can be shaken

To BE shaken.

–Nancy Lawrence

Another wise woman once said to me after my first husband left me,

This’ll either make ya or break ya


Isn’t it just like our Father to take something evil

and use it for good?

Boot camp for my brain

I opened my Youversion app to read the Bible today.
So sad and beleaguered, you guys! Rough, loooong night with health stuff.

I tend to get suicidal when my MS is acting up, so I go to the Bible extra hardcore at those times. Even before I start to think in the morning. Knee jerk I’m training 💪 my brain to automatically do.

Armor up, right?

Oh my sparkly socks.

what I found, my peeps!

God’s been doing great things this year! I just read about some of the ways God’s been at work in the YouVersion Community, and I think you’ll love this. Let’s celebrate together!

Youversion link this morning

Sooooo encouraging!

I hate fakey sacharin sweet Christian-ese.
It makes things feel worse.
So……. I almost didn’t click on it.

But I’m so glad I did after all!
I did not realize what The Holy Spirit was up to during this pandemic!

Baclofen Blues

New drug, new side- effects.

My hubby looked it up online after I threw our covers off angrily and suddenly–waking him up from a sound sleep– at 2am.

  1. irritability
  2. increased libido
  3. insomnia

Every one of my kids  asked me what my beef was tonight at our family meeting. I’ve been fighting with my hubby and daughter. I can’t relax. I feel keyed up all the time.

(There are five of us, not three, but I liked the gif.)

I like what the drug is doing with my muscle spasms.


The cure must not be worse than the disease

So back to the drawing board.



I’m wondering if I upped the amount of ashwaganda and valerian root, or B vitamins…if I could mitigate those icky side-effects….