Rough Season– don’t you think?

 I’m surprised we’re still here, aren’t you?

I have now listened to the Ps 121, Ps 37, Ps 18 and\or Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, RT Kendall, Steven Furtick and a bunch of other sermons and scripture.

Roughly 32 billion times.

i love 💕 it

Conclusion…we are going to make it guys. 

strengthandcourage.That is what I am talking about.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That’s in 2 Corinthians.


God is not going to overestimate my stress capacity.  He’s got the specs…….

For my soul.

The Bible says “He formed my inward parts in the secret places”  ps 139.  That has got to include capacity indications.

Like I know how many corn dogs my kids will eat when I’m cooking. Like I know how much ⛽ to put in my car when I’m filling it.

I have to start by giving it to Jesus

asking for His help just to breathe.

trust God.

He’s got the specs:

Salty and lit

(from a blog I follow.   #encouraged.    #wannabethat.   #BEthething.)


“It not only enhances the flavor of our food, but in addition, it serves as a preservative. To be the “salt” in this dying world, we are to flavor the world with God’s love and His Word but even more-so, we press on firmly to preserve our faith. With everything in us, we need to guard and preserve our hearts, … ”


“Think about the darkest of rooms. It’s bleak, hard to see or make out any shadows and can be very disconcerting. There is uncertainty. But one little flicker of light produces clarity.

“The chair that you tripped over in the dark is now revealed by that one little spark. Think of that for a moment. In a world full of darkness, just one Christ follower can light up a whole room and strike out the darkness… our faith, by our witness, and by our love….

“God Bless your ‘bright’ and ‘salty’ souls,


white picket fence


We’ve all got ’em.

That’s why first love and heartbreak infamously hurts so much.

Everyone who’s older than third grade knows this, right?

When my first husband left me, back in my early twenties, it wasn’t his physical presence that I missed.  That sucked monkey giblets: don’t misunderstand…

but honestly, I didn’t even like him.

 You know what I mean? He was an compulsively unfaithful alcoholic with control issues.

There’s no way I was missing that.

I mean, c’mon.

It was the dream of building a life together.  

That’s what hurt to lose.

Raising children together.  

Growing old together.

My white picket fence.

So What’s my point here?

Well, I was just thinking about this stuff with Jesus:

and you know what?

He’s bigger than that dream.

The happiness that I am discovering now,

as I walk with my Father:





I am content.


Hubby 💖 invited me to join him

in a study on the Advent at Youversion.

first time we’ve done something like that–im usually the one who wants to do stuff. He’s been more laid back in the past.

(Just want to keep it real, folks.)

I’m pretty sure that my formidable feminine competence is shooting me in the foot with that. Both of us have been to blame for our mostly matriarchal (in the first fifteen years or so) home.

He’s been scared to lead


I’ve been

too scared and ticked off to let him. You know?


so this is another gift 🎁 that my long-term illness is giving us.

It’s working out great!

I’m just grateful; just right now. Quietly and ecstatically.

Jesus went through a lot for us. A lot. The three\one of them were setting this up for ever. Starting in Genesis 3.

 He is the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world, right?

For me.

For everyone.

So we don’t have to do this alone.

And ’cause He’s just like that. 💕

Things to love

YouVersion rocks it again
  • The sound of an air plane buzzing in the distance
  • Smell of baking bread
  • Homemade tacos, any kind
  • Fortune cookies after Chinese food
  • My husband’s bald head and friendly smile
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway, on BBC
  • Celery, english toffee, dry fall leaves, corn chips, dry snow…crunchy things
  • Cups of fragrant, steaming tea
  • The smell of new tires
  • Taking dinner to a sick friend
  • Giraffes…comical and gangly
  • Magic School Bus with Ms Frizzle
  • Red hair and green eyes
  • Toe socks

To Work or Not To Work? — That is the Question

I have a dysfunctional view of rest and of work. I want to renew my mind about this. Jesus, will You please help me?

The people who live on this planet are unique and diverse. Regardless of how we work, the point is that we choose to work hard at whatever we do. The best way to do this is to see ourselves working for God. 

In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. (Colossians 3:23 NCV)

Youversion devo this morning. Better than Normal on work.
Jesus- our Boss-man

No matter what our work schedules and tasks look like, what if we considered Jesus to be our employer?