Wow. JESUS is kind of in-your-face about Himself, isn’t He.

   Must have made an impression on the gospel writer; look, he quotes Jesus verbatim many years later!  

I suppose the writer had been telling these accounts the whole time verbally, so that kept the events fresh in his mind.

  And I’m sure the Holy Spirit helped him remember as well.

I’m so glad I have the Bible!  

Bless You God.  Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.



I needed this today.  Feeling orphaned and shunned by my abuse and crime-ridden family.  Grossed out by the people I come from.


God tells me that I am what I am.

Neither above
nor below
my family.

Proud to be from my people
Because we are from Eve
Humbled to be from my people
Because we are from Eve

Thank You God. 
You tell me the truth.

You are my reason. You are all my reasons.”

I love You back, Papa God.



I used to think I was hot stuff. I did everything. Was in control of it all. Kept all my plates spinning. Was a bit bossy and abrasive, frankly.
woMan on a Mission
Then MS happened and DID happened and foolish life choices happened…all ashes But all that doesn’t matter now. As much as Jesus. He’s got a plan for me which is good and hopeful and full of promise. (Jeremiah 29:11) He’s enough. He’ll work it out. He will give me beauty for those darn ashes. (Isaiah 61)
Paul tells himself the truth

Pressure off 

God’s not like that . He gets it.

I think our feminist-influenced media gives our guys too much grief, not enough support.

They put the bar up there so high, that no guy could reach it.

I think the average guy loves his family and wants to take care ❤ of them. But the MrRogersmeetsscottishhighlandlaird ideal that the media idealizes is NOT real life.

Am I right?

I want my hubby to feel relaxed, accepted and admired at a 7 with the occasional 5 and occasional 8 or 9.

I want to be secure in my relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is my 10.

Always strong and confident, always tender and empathetic. That’s my God.


Feel the burn

Lord God
I have some horrible things in my past.
Things that were done to me.  That I knew about.  That I was powerless to stop.

Things that i did, myself.  Blindly.  Foolishly.  Arrogantly.  To my shame.  To my sorrow.

You know.  You were sorta THERE, however that works with sin.

Can I pray for us?

As our representative, I want to wipe the slate clean, Father.
Do not hold these sins against us.

Just let it go.

Haven’t we all suffered enough by now?

I absolve my perpetrators. 
The folks who enabled them. 
And Myself.

In the sheltering name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth God come in the. Flesh, I pray for us:


I forgive it.  It’s Yours God.  You make it right. 
I cry  mercy. 
I plead the sweet cleansing shining 🌟 blood of Jesus
over these sins.

Set us all free.  You can do anything, Father.



Schizzle. “

Cauterize my heart 💜


Mama Jen

Time for a list.🌻

Okay.  I am tired and stressed out.  We just paid some bills.

Time to reboot.

  • 🌞 sunshine breaking through clouds.  🌈 rainbow
  • Dogs clacking down the hall to visit me.  You can hear 👂 them comin.
  • My tulip paintings that I got on clearance at Fred Meyer ten years ago.
  • Grandkids laughing in another room
  • Making popcorn–the smell!
  • Genial hot beverages and quiet conversation
  • Car dates with hubby.  We learned about this during Covid restrictions. #silverlining
  • Clever bumper stickers and coffee mugs
  • Good, g-rated jokes
  • Beach combing
  • Tails and whiskers #comicrelief
  • Breaking social norms
  • Elevator rides
  • Hotel soaps and lotions in those cute little sizes
  • Cozy mysteries
  • Bath salts

Things I love

I’m so sad. Grief is hard work, ya know?

Time for a list. Reboot my 💜

  • California poppies
  • Yellow m&ms with peanuts
  • Depends Silhouettes (just keepin’ it real)
  • Clean sheets after a warm 🛁
  • 🐈laying in puddles of 🌞
  • My 🐕. They have such a great attitude, no matter what. #overcomeevilwithgood
  • Taco salad 🥗 from Wendy’s©
  • Queen Anne’s Lace and pink sweet peas
  • Birthdays 🎁🎂🎉
  • Vegetables – colorful, munchable variety
  • Crocheted afghans
  • My small group at Elevation
  • Rays of 🌞 streaming in my window
  • Chocolate 🍫in moderation
  • Learning new skills (current fave listening)
  • My Youversion Devotional- super encouraged
  • Holy Spirit- always there
  • Jesus – endlessly awesome 😎
  • Father God – so kind and full of integrity and wisdom
  • Unstoppable spring
  • Myths and stories
  • Ireland and Artemis Fowl
  • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, stages of grief #incrediblyhelpful
  • Toe socks with fun patterns

Thank You 💕 God. Hug received 🤗